A cashregister, is ...

  • a computer (old or new)
  • a normal printer ((new) starting from approx 60 Euro) or
  • a receipt printer ((new) starting from approx 210 Euro, ex)
  • optional, a barcode reader ((new) starting from approx 50 Euro at Ebay)
  • a simple programma (freeware, 0.00 Euro)



     The cashregister program ...

  • is freeware but use it at own risk and no warranty
  • runs on Windows ME or XP, screen resolution minimal 1024 by 800 pixels
  • does not really need a keyboard, a mouse will do
  • uses a comma seperated input file for combined stock/price-list
    (edit with Notepad, Wordpad or a spreadsheet)
  • optional, keeps track of stock, generates stock report on demand
  • allowes 10000 pricelist items which can be organized in menu's
  • search function to find an item on the pricelist
  • uses 5 tax classes
  • allows 30 bills or tables or operators simultaniously open (adaptable naming)
  • allows 250 items per bill
  • sold items per day, month, year or operator;
    when sold and by who, how much and how payed, how much tax per tax class,
    retail and wholsale totals; all data kept in a comma seperated file(s)
    (to be used in a spreadsheet)
  • is adaptable to your language
  • supports the use of a barcode reader and receiptprinter or
    use a 'normal' printers, with (optional) a receipt header and/or trailer
    in txt or rtf format
  • screenshot 1, screenshot 2
  • , screenshot 3,screenshot 4
  • can be downloaded HERE


  1. To install:
    Download both files (approx. 78 kbyte) and store them in a (new) folder.
    Double click on cashregister.exe to run it.
    Folder "ExeData" is created and some txt files are generated in the folder.
    See the notes to the used files and file layout.
    That is all !

  2. To uninstall:
    Delete the (new) folder you put the files in or delete all files.