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Project car marked with the logo of the Homopus Research Foundation

Some of the magnificant flowers (Leipoldtia sp.) present during spring fieldwork.

Fabian Schmidt (Germany) demonstrating abundance of flowers (Osteospermum amplectens) after unusually good rains

Overview of the equipment that we carry in the field

Janne Karlsson (Sweden) with protective glasses against black spitting cobras (Naja nigricollis woodi)

Frank van Loon (Belgium) proudly presenting one of the smallest Chersobius signatus we have found in the field

The South African police doing a very good job checking our research permits to make sure we are not poachers. Right of the car are Mark Klerks (Netherlands) and Thomas Leuteritz (USA).

Tom Licitra (USA), Chris Hobson, Fabian Schmidt and Victor Loehr in our housing facilities after the fieldwork

Sebastian Scholz (Germany) exhausted after working in the field

Mark Klerks entering data in the computer at occasionally unpleasant temperatures close to 0C

Another (much warmer!) night with time to relax before this nice little caravan, Frank van Loon and Victor Loehr

Unidentified research participant early in the morning

A day off to search for other reptiles in Bushmanland. Sebastian Scholz and Ina Schettler (Germany) in the back of a pickup.

At times the roads become too bad for the project vehicle

Sebastian Scholz and Fabian Schmidt doing a long (!) photo session with Psammobates tentorius verroxii

Visiting collegues in the south of the Western Cape Province, Retha Hofmeyr (South Africa), Brian Henen (South Africa) and a student, researching Homopus areolatus and Psammobates geometricus

Frank van Loon enjoying the musk odour of a freshly caught Pelomedusa subrufa