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Visiting a mammal researcher, Carsten Schradin (left, South Africa), in Goegap Nature Reserve. Left of him Jacobo Reyes (Mexico), Frank van Loon (Belgium), Marscha van Tilborghs (Belgium), Tamara Harris-Smith (South Africa), and Victor Loehr (Netherlands)

Field assistant, apparently looking for something in his shorts

Vegetation analysis conducted by Tamara Harris-Smith and Victor Loehr

Spider defending its freshly caught scorpion against the photographer

Retha Hofmeyr (South Africa) and Brian Henen (South Africa) carrying a tub used to transport tortoises for radiography or ultrasound scanning

Jacobo Reyes (Mexico) handling a snake (Psammophis sp.) for identification purposes

Mating activity in Chersobius signatus; note the iButton on the male used for shell temperature measurements

Research team during part of the 2003 study season: Fabian Schmidt (Germany), Cindy Woodhead (USA), Kate (South Africa), Jacobo Reyes, and Victor Loehr

The (dry) fieldwork area in summer

Zygophyllum shrub without leaves in summer

While the vegetation is dry, and tortoise activity low, many juvenile Mabuya sulcata can be encountered in summer...

...as well as juvenile Agama a. atra

The research area is grazed by goats and sheep; the long-term effect on the tortoise population is not yet known

Visiting a Geochelone pardalis (among others) researcher (Peter Cunningham) near Windhoek, Namibia

Preparing for fieldwork on a cold, windy morning in spring: Peter van Putten (Netherlands), Mats Blohm (Germany), and Victor Loehr

Making good pasta requires scientific precision in measuring the amount of water to add

Research in Bushmanland, on Psammobates tentorius verroxii: Gerald Kuchling (Australia), Retha Hofmeyr, Brian Henen, Patrik Abramsson (Sweden), and Linn Lagerström (Sweden)