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Patrik Abramsson, Linn Lagerström, and Victor Loehr on excursion in the Richtersveld

John Moor (South Africa) giving Fabian Schmidt, Patrik Abramsson, and Linn Lagerström an explanation about the habitat of Homopus femoralis on his families farm

Victor Loehr notching Chersobius boulengeri,
while wearing appropriate clothing to prevent sun stroke

Mark Klerks with Psammobates tentoius tentorius

Migrating locusts in the Karoo after exceptional rains

Annett Werner (Germany) making friends with a springbok

Mark Klerks suffering from severe mental damage
after being injured by barbed wire

Frequently seen means of transport in the Karoo, a donkey cart

Visiting Vicky Ahlmann (South Africa) from the Riverine Rabbit Working Group

Closing a day of hard work, in a local karaoke bar with loud goue boere musiek treffers

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

Pretty little gecko, Pachydactylus rugosus

Why is it that there are so many power failures in South Africa?

Siebren Kuperus (Netherlands) using a ladder to avoid fence (and personal) damage

Homopus femoralis female that had selected the exact crevice used for long-term temperature measurements

A curious klipdas juvenile studying tortoise researchers

Cordylus cloetei at the Homopus femoralis study site