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Siebren Kuperus working on a strengthened tortoise storage container

Depredated adult Homopus femoralis female, possibly dropped on a rock by birds to crack the shell

Another cracked "shell": never take a banana in your bag during Homopus fieldwork!

Apparently hatched clutch of Homopus femoralis eggs

Siebren Kuperus enjoying the only spot of shade in the field

Chersina angulata kept as a pet in a private garden

Francois Busson pimping a rainfall gauge to discourage birds sitting on it (and depositing their dropping in it)

Huge female Homopus femoralis

The new logo of the Homopus Research Foundation on the project car

Preparing an identification photograph in the car during heavy rainfall after sunset

Road damage just around the corner after good rainfall in October 2011

River flowing in the Karoo

Psammobates tentorius verroxii with a missing hind limb, which has been in the study site for years

Karoo flowers after high rainfall

Measuring the body dimensions of Homopus femoralis

Measuring the body mass of Homopus femoralis

To keep thorns, seeds and ticks out, gaiters are sometimes a fieldwork necessity