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Planning of behavioural observations on Homopus signatus from August to October 2012

Preparing the installation of a transmitter and an iButton on Homopus signatus; note that the hammer was not actually used

Adult female Homopus signatus with "backpack" in the field

Tracking tortoises for behavioural observations

Homopus signatus feeding and ignoring the photographer

Juvenile rock hare sharing its habitat with the tortoises

Namaqualand flowers in the evening sun

Dead Homopus signatus with an egg still in - note the large egg size relatively to female size!

Tiny hatchling encountered in the field

Tariq Stark and Carlijn Laurijssens enjoying a cool Namaqualand morning

Fabian Schmidt disliking a remark regarding him being lazy after fieldwork

Sabine and Susanne Sommer measuring Homopus signatus in the field

Tortoise model with iButton to record operative temperatures

iButton after tortoise models had been discovered by unauthorised people

Hail in the study site

Frozen roof of the car after a cold night

Female Homopus signatus with a fresh wound on the hindlimb and bone sticking out - many individuals at the study site miss limbs or feet