How to use the wading.pk3 file.

As written on the first page, WADING.PK3 contains only one map, which replaces MAP01. To play the level, you need DOOM2.WAD, GZDOOM.EXE (preferably in the same map) and a reasonably fast computer. Drag and drop wading.pk3 on gzdoom.exe. If you want to play it with Brutal Doom, press and hold the <CTRL> key, select wading.pk3 and then (brutaldoomfilename).pk3 - after that, drag and drop both both files on gzdoom.exe (you will see a 2 in the hovering icon). GZDoom should start up and after some time deliver the (Brutal) Doom II start screen.

Start of the game.
Wading - (Doom level) opening picture
Wading - (Doom level) opening picture

Choose New game and a skill level. In WADING, too young to die and not too rough are quite easy; hurt me plenty is way more difficult, ultra-violence a small, but significant step more then hurt me plenty. The level was not designed for nightmare or worse. Now the opening screen should appear (see first page). Just as in many original Doom levels, if your player stays in the start position or only turns round, he may stand for hours without being attacked, except when you choose ultra-violence skill. But of course a pistolshot (or shaking fist without Brutal Doom) will reveal some company.

After running over the brittle stepping stones to hit the main switch on the island, you can choose either the left or right entrance of the pumping station. In this way there is a possible variation in the game play. For now, this is the only briefing you get, apart from my final promise that you will get plenty other experiences, heh heh. Whish you happy patrolling.

Download wading.pk3

Cooperative and Deathmatch modes:

WADING offers positions and weapons/armour for Cooperative Mode and Deathmatch Mode. There are five Cooperative starting positions, all on the front. The players best operate not to far dispersed, or one may see "the man behind the curtain", or worse: disturb the levels mechanics. Here and there a few more enemies appear then in Single player. Though Deathmatch is possible, the map is way too large so I didn't give it much attention. The Deathmatch positions and weapons are scattered throughout the pumping station, so I provided two escape switches to prevent players being trapped behind unopened gates.

The history of this level.

More then twenty years ago I was inspired by the nuke maze of E1M6 (Central Processing). I wanted to make my own map with a larger maze of these slime ponds. So I started of with the old DCK and DEU and possibly even other editors I forgot. It developed more into a factory with slime and water pools than a maze. I discovered the designing to be a real time waster, especially with the crashing old versions of those days. But I "finished" it and forgot it.

Came Brutal Doom and renewed interest. I wanted to keep it Vanilla first, but I was frustrated by the visplanes overflow and the "hard liquids". I spied around in the ZDoom Forum and in the end felt confident to UDMF the map (thanks to Kappe Buur for his tutorial). There is so much candy... So again I wasted many, many hours making 3D sectors. Made more dummy sectors then necessary, because I didn't know the extra sector tags DO work, but only in UDMF. Further came some modest monsters, a clunky camrocket launcher, level monitor, pipes, fan, and other textures and a lot of scripting. Still, it feels like a rather normal Doom level to me.

The pumping halls were added only in the later stages of the building, with fresh inspiration after wrestling with other senseless and uninteresting structures. To my pleasure, the halls control room looked like a skull on the map. You can see that below, by clicking the Spoiler button, but beware that it gives away some of the surprise if you want to play this level for the first time. When the pumping halls were created, after a long hesitation I did the UDMF conversion.

wading (Doomlevel) pumpinghall in Doombuilder
On the textured Automap

wading (Doomlevel) pumpinghall in Doombuilder
In Doombuilder 2

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