If you want to play the level for the first time:
then you'd better NOT read this page entirely.

On this page, some secrets of the level are given away. Because I envy the players who start their patrol unsuspectingly, I hide a few things under a "Spoiler" button to prevent spoiling the surprises accidently.

Some more Doombuilder pics.
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wading (Doomlevel) front panorama in Doombuilder
Front panorama

wading (Doomlevel) pumpinghall in Doombuilder
Side panorama

wading (Doomlevel) front panorama in Doombuilder
Pumping hall

Wading - (Doom level) secret place
Wading - (Doom level) secret cabin

There are ten secret areas in Wadings pumping station (nine in the original version). You don't need to find them to successfully get to the exit. In most of them the bonus matches the malus, so they give you more chances to fight and perish. Some of the secrets are nested, meaning you have to get in one area to be enable entrance to the other. I will give away here that the entrance to the heavy armory is the most difficult to crack.

There are some hidden corners and little rooms with a bonus that do not count as a secret.

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