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2013 - HouseBros Dragracing
The model that we're using is a very different bodystyle compared to our competitors with al their sleek Camaro's,Trans Am's and Vega's.
As far as we know there's no other 1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Handyman Wagon in Europe used as a dragracer yet.

The roof of the body is chopped about 4" , the body is of course channeld and tubbed to accommodate the huge 33" Slicks in the rear.
The front is a one piece fibreglass item,as well as doors,tailgate and bumpers.
Rear quarters and roof still remains the old steel from +50 years back,good ol' quality...
Most of the interior consist of aluminium and the floor is made out of Glare,a composite material developed for the Aircraft industry used for the newly developed AirBus.

It received a ProStreet-style type of chassis made of  2 X 3 rectangular tube mild steel from Art Morrison ( USA ) with a additional 12 point roll cage improved by HouseBros Race Cars .
It's also equipped with a Funny Car cage,all certified till 8.50 sec for the 1/4 Mile.
A-arm front suspension and a four linked 9" at the rear,completed with Electric Koni shocks.
35 spline Dutchman axles and a 4.11 Strange 9,5" Ultra 3rd member.
Wilwood Disc brakes all around, Mopar style master cilinder and Goodridge brakeline.

The car received full exterior trim and working lights, to obtain a nice street worthy look.

Some facts ;  Raceready   incl.driver 1380 kg, topspeed 249 km/h,  best ET 8.91,
best 60 Ft 1.302 sec