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Research on Homopus
The most important barrier for the long-term survival of Homopus is the current lack of knowledge on these tortoises. Without basic information on their distribution, population size and dynamics, and ecology, it is impossible to determine their conservation requirements, and to develop conservation strategies if necessary. Therefore, the Homopus Research Foundation focuses on research on Homopus, both in captivity and in the wild. In the past years, a number of initiatives were launched, most of which are long-term commitments.

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The Homopus fieldwork provides opportunities for small numbers of volunteers to participate. Details can be found here.

Field ecology of Homopus boulengeri

Thermoregulation in Homopus signatus

Field ecology of Homopus signatus

Field ecology of Homopus femoralis

Husbandry of Homopus signatus

Husbandry of Homopus femoralis

Photograpic fieldwork impression