WADING - my DOOM level

Wading - (Doom level) opening picture
Opening screen

This wad, offered to you as a .pk3 file, contains just ONE (rather large) map called PUMPSTATION, but that should be enough to keep you going for quite some time, I dare say it counts as three normal maps.

From december 2021 I have brushed it up a little, to version 1.3 which I finished march 2022.

Download version1.3

or the original version if you prefer.

The pumpstation is called WADING by Doom marines because wading is what you do a lot, patrolling this leaky old facility. Some older marines though, say the pump station was named in honour of a certain general Wading who, while famous for his lessons in tactics, was ingloriously killed by a zombieman on his first real mission. That tale should not be taken seriously though, because these same marines also whisper gibberish about UAC having a "mutator" that worked on cacodemons. Poor fellows, seems fighting demons does cause brain damage after all. But another could-be-true story is about a marine who went testing a new secret camera rocket type. Probably not very successful, because he never returned.


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Wading - (Doom level) levelmonitor
Some things still work...
Wading - (Doom level) control room
Control room

Wading - (Doom level) water hall
Unqualified personnel, shoot first - ask later !

Wading - (Doom level) pumping hall top floor
Well, it's a pumping station...
Wading - (Doom level) last pumping hall

Wading - (Doom level) package hall
Package hall


Doom, Doom II - Id Software

ZDoom - the ZDoom community
GZDoom - Graf Zahl

DCK - Ben Morris
Doom Editing Utilities (often referred to by the abbreviation DEU) - Raphaël Quinet, Brendon Wyber, and Renaud Paquay.

DoomBuilder, DoomBuilder2, - Pascal vd Heiden - with support of many others.
Ultimate DoomBuilder - boris, ZZYZX and others (See: Help - About in the program itself).
                                     see Credits on DoomBuilder site: http://www.doombuilder.com/index.php?p=credits
GZDoombuilder - MaxED and others, see site: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/page.php?page=team

XWE (eXtended Wad Editor) Csabo SLADE3 (SLADE2, SLADE, SlumpEd) - The SLADE team: http://slade.mancubus.net/

Instruction page: WAD to UDMF - Kappes Buur (july 2016)
Wadext.exe Graf Zahl - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=232&t=54183

Thanks for informative webpages:

The makers of the ZDoom Wiki: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Main_Page

Eevee for "You should make a Doom level" https://eev.ee/blog/2015/12/31/you-should-make-a-doom-level-part-3/
Chubzdoomer for his good Youtube tutorials

Everybody of the ZDoom community https://zdoom.org/index

Everybody brave enough to ask 'stupid' questions on forums so I could learn from the answers!

Sergeant_Mark_IV for Brutal Doom

and all the others I may have forgotten

I commented the scripts, so newbies may get ideas from them.
All my own work is free usable, hope you credit me for that modest part.

Glass animation: thanks to boris, I used his concept, but worked it out differently because I wanted BOTH sides animated. And I can rebuild the window panes, to smash them again, heh heh.

Sounds: nonDoom sounds were al created by me, using domestic stuff from barbecue to swimming pants and a microKorg. Exceptions: the normal rocket explosion is a mix of freeware soundfiles and the friendly Pain Cacodemon are from a free bird soundfile, that I heavily processed.

Textures and sprites: I am not a graphic artist, so I used my photos and Doom pictures, to prevent disturbing the surrounding. Some textures are just patches rearranged. I renamed a few Textures and sprites to prevent mods changing them.
The brightmaps I made myself, after spying on work of others how to do it. Some lightobjects are renamed, again, to prevent mods changing them, but I left the torches because those of BD are better imho.



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