Bavarian S 3/6 3624 the "Hochhaxige (High Stepper)

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Class S 3/6 Steam Locomotive, the "Hochhaxige" / "High Stepper"

Magical – Well-Designed – Elegant In the spring of 1907, Maffei was given an order to build a Pacific compound locomotive for the Royal Bavarian State Railways. Using the Baden "IV f" built by the same company as a basis, Maffei developed the Bavarian S 3/6, which was soon to fascinate generations of railroad fans with its timeless elegant looks characterized chiefly by the four-cylinder compound running gear. Prototype
Royal Bavarian State Railways class S 3/6 express steam locomotive, subclass d, the "Hochhaxige" / "High Stepper" with 2,000 mm / 78-3/4" diameter driving wheels. Road number 3624. Later 18 441. The locomotive looks as it did around 1912. Highlights Product Features Digital Functions Buy online
The locomotive is completely new tooling. The locomotive is constructed mostly of metal. The running gear is intricately constructed of die-cast metal with a partially open bar frame. There is an open view through the running gear. The cab is modelled in detail. The lamps are designed to be white. The locomotive has 5-pole high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel. The locomotive also has a factory-installed smoke unit, a lighted cab, a light for oncoming trains, which can be controlled in digital operation, and an mfx+ decoder. There is a close coupling mechanism between the locomotive and tender with a "display case position". The locomotive has intricate smoke box door steps, and the tender has a hook coupler and an air hose on the rear. Piston rod protection sleeves are also included.
Artical number: 39436
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