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We travel to England on a regular basis to visit relatives.
The location is Long Sutton, just north of King's Lynn and near the Wash.
Long Sutton is a village in the south Lincolnshire Fens.

Peterborough has a large cathedral with an imposant interior. Cathedral Peterborough (21-04-2001)
River Welland at Deeping Saint James River Welland, Deeping Saint James (21-04-2001)
Diving along the coast we accidentally passes the North Norfolk Steam Railway company.

Locomotive 41708 at the station of Sheringham.
North Norfolk Steam railway (04-2001)

A picture from the backside of the ferry (HSS Discovery) from Hook of Holland to Harwich. The only place where you can be in open air. Traveling with over 70 km an hour. North Sea from the ferry (21-10-2001)
Crowland (Lincolnshire) is a small town near Peterborough.

The Abbey was erected approximately 13 centuries ago. It started as a small church, but evolved into one of the countries most important Benedictine monasteries. In 1066 it was the only monastery in Lincolnshire. The Abbey, Crowland's present parish church, occupies only a small part of the original site. The clock can be heard chiming every quarter-of-an-hour, and it still has a fine peal of bells.

The Monastry was destroyed as a result of civil wars and plundering. A nice lady told us that after the men of Henry the 8th robbed the lead from the roof, the weather caused the fall down of the large church. The walls are still standing beside the building.
Exterior of the Abbey from the frontside (21-10-2001)

Exterior of the Abbey from the back side (21-10-2001)

Interior of the Abbey (21-10-2001)

Interior of the Abbey (21-10-2001)
Crowland is located at the heart of the South Lincolnshire fens.
The surrounding country is the flat fen land (some areas are below sea level!). Originally the area was a marshy wetland with a series of isolated islands. Crowland was on one of the islands.

Trinity Bridge is a unique tri arch bridge that stands in the center of the town. Originally a wooden structure spanning 3 rivers, it was first mentioned in King Ethelbald's charter of AD716, 'the triangular bridge of Croyland'. In the year 1370 the wooden bridge was replaced with a stone construction that still stands today. The 3 main streets of the town were once waterways.
Trinity bridge at Crowland (21-10-2001)

Trinity bridge at Crowland (21-10-2001)

On a sunny Sunday we visited Burghley house in Stamford (Lincolnshire).
Since the weather was nice, we visited the sculpture garden. A very nice walk in the sun and an interesting collection of modern sculptures.
sculpture (dog?) (21-10-2001)

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