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As usual we had our summer vacation in Fiss.
And of course we stayed in "Haus Sunnbichl".
The weather wasn't very good, but not too bad. Temperatures were not so high, surely not at 1.800 meter above sealevel, but was mostly dry during daytime. Most showers were in the evening or at night.
The weather was much better than the weeks before. We visited known and unknown places, The first week our son Martin, his wife Petra and our granddaughter Linda joined us. We had a very nice time and enjoyed it very much.

Pictures 1, 2, 3 and 4

The Kaunertal.

A beautiful valley. You can make a thousand pictures and still have the feeling you didn't cover all the beautiful spots.

The first pictures shows the Weisssee (White lake).
A beautiful lake, just below the glacier. It's melting water from the glacier, so the water is ice cold. There's a myth about the lake. It tells the story of a disappeared city, an old man and a beautiful stag.

In de second picture you see the beautiful landscape with in the background the "Gepatschferner" (glacier)

The third picture shows again the beautiful landscape around 2.000 metre above sealevel.

In the fourth picture the "Gepatschstausee", a waterreservoir for the generation of electrical power.
It's beautiful lake with about 154 million cubic metres of water.
The pictures shows the lake in the direction of the 160 metre high damn.

Date: 11-09-2010

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Zammer Kaunertal (10-08-2010)
Zammer Kaunertal (10-08-2010)
Zammer Kaunertal (10-08-2010)

Picture 5

Near the mountain pass from the Inntal to the Pitztal near Fliess (the Pillersattel) lies the nature reserve Kaunergrat. From the park house at 1559 above sealevel you have beautiful views to the the Ober Inntal and the surrounding mountains (The Gaggen blick) . The road is very steep, winding and narrow with deep ravines, but with beautiful views. In the picture a view to the Inntal in the direction of Landeck (the north), with below the village of Fliess and the river Inn about 800 metres lower. From the pass you can drive (or walk) to the Pitztal, which is a beautiful trip accross the Piller höhe.

Date: 14-08-2010

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Fliess, Piller sattel (14-08-2010)

Picture 6

Near Reutte you find the Plansee. A lake surrounded by mountains. On a calm, grey day with low hanging clouds the lake is on it's best (at least what I think).

Date: 15-08-2010

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Reutte,Plansee (15-08-2010)
Picture 7,8 and 9


It was a while ago we visited the Hofkirche in Innsbruck. The large bronze statues are still very impressive.

We also visited the Tiroler museum for folk art, which was next door.

Date: 17-08-2010

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Innsbruck, Hofkirche (17-08-2010)
Innsbruck, Hofkirche (17-08-2010)
Innsbruck, Tirolermuseum for folk art (17-08-2010)
Picture 10


Most of the years we pay a visit to the Reschensee. It's beautiful out there. Kitesurfing is quit populair now.

In the background you see the impressive Ortler, 3.905 metres high.

Date: 17-08-2010

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Reschensee (19-08-2010)
Picture 10 and 11



On the last friday the visibilty was good, so we decided to go to the Zwölferkopf, 2.600 metres above sealevel. One of the mountaintops in the Samnaungruppe, the mountain range on the westside of Fiss.
The cablecar brings you to 2.430 metres. The rest you have to walk. The path is very good, but also very steep.
Once you reached the summit the views are magnificent. They build a platform, to make it easier for you to see the panorama. Standing there you're hanging above the very steep slopes below you. If you're afraid of hights, maybe you shouldn't do this.

The second picture shows the Urgtal.

Date: 20-08-2010

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Fiss, platform Zwölferkopf (20-08-2010)
Fiss, Zwölferkopf,panorama (20-08-2010)

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