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As usual we had our summer vacation in Fiss.

And of course we stayed in "Haus Sunnbichl".

To our surprise the weather was good. As in most countries in Western and Central Europe we had a very bad summer. But during our 14 days in Austria we had mostly good weather, nice temperature and lots of sun. We visited known and unknown places, The second week our son Martin, his wife Petra and our granddaughter Linda joined us. We had a very nice time and enjoyed it very much.


On our journey to Austria we stayed one night in Dinkelsbühl. A little town along the "Romantische Strasse" in Germany (Bavaria). The town has a well preserved city center with the mediaval city walls still intact. If you think away the cars and the traffic signs, you could be a few centurious back in time.

The first picture shows the Marktplatz (marketplace) with a view to the Norlingerstrasse. Beautiful facades.

Amongst others, the second picture shows wine market with the famous "Deutsches Haus", a hotel. A beautifil timbered building.

The third picture shows the Segringer tor. One of the 18! towers on the city walls.

In the fourth picture a part of the city walls with the Faulturm. Made the photo just outside the Rothenburger Tor.

Date: 07-08-2011

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Dinkelsbühl (07-08-2011)
Dinkelsbühl (07-08-2011)

Picture 5

At the end of our second day in Fiss we had a short thunderstorm with heavy rains. After the rains the sun came back and we had a beautiful, double, rainbow. After the rains the weather decided to be very friendly for us for the rest of our stay.

Date: 09-08-2010

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Fiss, Rainbow(14-09-2011)

Picture 6


Of course we had to go Innsbruck for some shopping, some wandering through the "Altstad", a cup of coffee and cake at Katzung's and so on. Always nice for a day. In the picture the colorfull houses on the north side of the Inn.

Date: 15-08-2010

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Innsbruck (10-08-2011)
Picture 7

From Fiss to Ladis

Walking form Fiss to Ladis.
I was taking pictures of the flowers in the field when a cricket jumped in front of my lens.

Date: 11-08-2011

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Cricket (11-08-2011)
Picture 8

From Fiss to Ladis

Between Fiss and Ladis they build an artificial lake as a water storage for the snow canons in the winter.

It promises to become a very nice spot.

Date: 11-08-2011

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Wolfsee (11-08-2011)
Picture 9 and 10


Innsbruck, Ambras

The weatherforcast wasn´t too good for this day, so we decided to go Innsbruck and visit the "Schloss Ambras". Well the forecast wasn't too good either, so we had a very nice day without rain.

The 15th of August is a national holiday in Austria and that day are the yearly castle festivities in Schloss Amras. So free entrance and a lot of activities in the castle.

The first picture shows a part of the chambers of armour.

The second picture shows one of the special activities, ancient music, singing and dance.

Date: 15-08-2011

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Innsbruck, Ambras (15-08-2011)
Innsbruck, Ambras (15-08-2011)
Picture 11

Fiss, sunset

The sunset reflects on the clouds above the Glockturmkamm. Nice effect.

Date: 16-08-2011

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Sunset (16-08-2011)

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