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As usual we had our summer vacation in Fiss.

And of course we stayed in "Haus Sunnbichl".

And again the weather wasn't too bad. During our 17 days in Austria we had mostly good weather, nice temperatures and lots of sun. We visited known and unknown places, The second week our sons Peter and Martin, their wifes Miranda and Petra and our grandchildren Linda, Selma and Coen joined us. We had a very nice time and enjoyed it very much.


As usual we visited Innsbruck.

A nice town to walk around and do some shopping.
We've been there for quit a few times, but this time I climbed the stairs of the city tower. From the platform (30 meters high, you have a beautiful views.

The first picture shows the "triumphpforte". One of the last remains of the city wall.

The second picture shows the city tower.

The third and fourth picture show the views to the south and the north/west.

Date: 31-07-2012

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Picture 5


On the summit of the Schönjöchl is a waterreservoir. Made for the snow canons in the winter. With a blue sky and some nice white clouds, it looks very nice.

Date: 01-08-2012

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Picture 6


Quit a walk from the Schönjöchl to the Zwölferkopf.
First 60 meters down to the mountain station of the cable car. Then again 160 meter climbing to the Zwölferkopf. Then back to the station building.

Date: 01-08-2012

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Picture 7

Walking down the Möseralm I came accross the nice collection of flowering campions.

Walking form Fiss to Ladis

Date: 03-08-2012

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Picture 8

Kaunertaler Gletscherstrasse

Of course we did the Kaunertaler Gletscherstrasse.

We drove to the parking near the glacier, walked the glacier and the "Gletscherspalte".
Drove back through the fabulous landscape.
Date: 08-08-2012

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Picture 9


We walked the "Sturzflug" trail in Serfaus.

A quest where you have to figure out what the cargo was of the crashed plane. Plus some details of the flight and what happened to the pilot.
At the end you get certificate Master Detective.

In the picture our two granddaughters Linda en Selma.

Date: 10-08-2012

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Serfaus, Sturzflug (10-08-2012)
Picture 10


As usual we visited Samnaun (Swiss), for some tax free shopping and a walk in beautiful environment

Date: 13-08-2012

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Samnaun (13-08-2012)

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